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Nathan Emens is the owner of Campaign Data Solutions and a skilled political operative based in Nevada. As a leader in using database management and “super micro targeting“ to win campaigns, he is constantly developing new and innovative strategies to help campaigns and organizations use data.

Nathan is always up for a challenge, and his unique ability to understand people and how they operate allows him to win campaigns others have called impossible. During his almost two decades in Nevada politics, Nathan has worked with candidates from local to statewide and federal, including managing several notable Nevada legislative races where his candidates won while being outspent by more than ten to one. In 2012 Nathan became the first consultant to successfully flip a seat in the Nevada Assembly from Democrat to Republican in more than a decade.

With a background in marketing from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nathan has effectively used his creative and solution-driven mind to help clients in politics, community develop and entertainment exceed their outreach goals.

Nathan was born in Reno and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nathan and his wife, Stacy, have two sons.